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This box will contain items that will make you feel like royalty! Crowns, corsets, tiaras, gowns, romantic jewelry and more! 

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This box will contain items that are inspired by anime and cartoon characters! Become a Guardian of the Planets, a beautiful mermaid and more! 


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This box will contain items based on different eras! Step into a new era with a new look in each box! The medieval, renaissance, victorian, roaring twenties and more!


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This box will contain fantasy and mystical items that will transport you to the supernatural world. Vampires, werewolves, witches and more! 

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How do I get charged for my subscription boxes?

You will be charged on the day you place your order! If you subscribe, based on the frequency option you choose, you will be charged afterwards, based on the day that you subscribed.

For example: you subscibed to a box on Sep 9th, and you choosed the "monthly" deliver: you will be charged again aftr a month on Oct 10th. 

Will I receive email notifications for my subscription?

Yes! You'll receive email notifications each time your order ships.

When should I expect my order?

You can usually expect your boxes to arrive within 1-2 weeks after your are billed.

How can I skip or change my next order?

You can customize your subscription anytime by logging into your account in our store and edit your preferences directly through the "Manage Subscription" Link.

Also, you get an email when you subscribe to a theme box. You can use the link in that email to manage your subscriptions as well.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Please email adelorecreations@gmail.com with the subject line: NAME - Cancel Subscription Box. In the body of the email just let us know that you would like to cancel your subscription. 

Please email before the date that your subscription is up for renewal. Example: if you usually get charged every month on the 28th, then please email anytime before the 28th in order to cancel!