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Adelore Creations

Elven Princess Theme Box - Arwen Inspired

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✨Launches May 30th, 2022✨

The elven princess theme box is inspired by Arwen from the Lord of the Rings movies.

There are two options to choose from 

1. The Elven Princess Box (the small version)


- corset 

- silver elf ears 

2. The Rivendell Elven Princess Box (large version) 



-silver elf ears 

- head piece 


Please select which box you would like from the drop down as well as your size for the corset 


About The corset

Velvet Overbust authentic steel boned corset! 

Each corset is made by hand by one corsetier from start to finish.

  • Bone Casing : All bones are placed under cotton bone casing
  • Boning : 10 Spiral Steel Bones & 2 Flat Steel Bones
  • Dimensions : Center Front - 13.75" / Back - 13" / Side - 13"
  • Fabrics : Shell Fabric-Velvet / Lining-100% Cotton
  • Lacing : 6.5-7 Mtr long back lacing
  • Modesty Panel : 6 inches wide
  • Opening : Metal busk front opening


About the Head Pieces and Silver Ears 

Silver plated tiaras inspired by medieval times and the Renaissance as well as gothic, fantasy and spiritual themes.

You will receive one of the two headpieces in your Rivendell Elven Princess Box. 


About the Candle 

Hand poured candle, features a stunning design of the fiery description of the One Ring in Tengwar from the Black Speech of Sauron. It has a Glowing Inscription and includes a replica of the One Ring. It is embedded in the wax and will reveal itself once the wax burns down. This is a double wick candle with soy and coco wax  that will burn for approximately 36 hrs.