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Fantasy & Folklore Apparel and Accessories Box - APRIL BOX ORDER BETWEEN 3/6/23-4/5/23

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*If you order between March 6th-April 5th, you will be receiving the APRIL Themed Boxes!!*

ANIMATED BOX:  Esmeralda (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)  
ERAS BOX: 90's Fashion - Sex and the City/Carrie Bradshaw

The Fantasy & Folklore Apparel and Accessories Box is a Mystery Box that will feature items inspired by one of the themes of your choosing. There will be one clothing item and 3-7 other accessories and trinkets 

1. The REGAL box - become a Royal!

This box will contain items that will make you feel like a Queen. Corsets, crowns, tiaras, romantic jewelry and more! 

2. The SUPERNATURAL/FANTASY  Box - do you dare?

This box will contain Fantasy/Supernatural items inspired by Vampires, werewolves, witches, fairies and more depending on the month's theme. 

3. The ERAS Box - step into a new world! 

This box will contain items that are inspired by different time periods: medieval, renaissance, victorian, roaring twenties and more! Each month will be a new theme!

4. The ANIMATED Box - discover your inner child!

This box will contain items inspired by different animated characters. A new theme each month! 


Have a different theme every month! Please let us know in the checkout notes which themes you would like and in what order. Example: You want Royal, eras and animated starting with royal, second eras, third animated. Then the rotation would start over. 

*Pictures are of previous months boxes.  Theme Boxes will vary each month as they are "mystery" boxes! 

Please note that you will be charged on the day you place your order! If you subscribe to the Fantasy and Folklore Box, based on which frequency option you choose, you will be charged on the same day every month (example: you ordered on 1.7.23 and you picked "monthly". You will be charged again a month later in February.  

The cutoff to get the next month's box will always be the 5th of that particular month. Example: If you want the February box, you have from January 6th until February 5th  to place your order! The February box will start shipping out on February 15th.

WHEN WILL MY BOX SHIP? Boxes will ship starting on the 15th of each month  and no later than the 20th of each month (not including holidays).  


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